What We Do

Residential Projects

Customized home interiors based on client's needs and desires, designed and crafted by industry's experts.

Office Projects

Vast selection of furniture and accessorizing elements that transform an office area into an incredibly creative and efficient work environment.

Commercial Projects

Industry specific furniture items, may they be glamorous or simply practical yet unique, suitable for enhancing the customer-friendly atmosphere.

Our Process

Our experts meet face to face with each customer and together, they define the needs and expectations. They visit the location of the new project, make the necessary measurements and collaborate with the construction team, if that is applicable.

With the basics covered, and prepared with lots of coffee, tea and sweets, the experts and the customers meet again to discuss the concept. This implies choosing a general style and feel for the ambiance, an architectural style, a set of colors and fabrics for the furniture and accessories.

The next step in the process is entirely magical. Equipped with 10+ years of making dreams come true and reading minds, our designers will awaken the sketches and drawings and provide a 3D rendering of the end result.

The items are either imported or crafted locally, purchased, shipped and installed with maximum precision. Our experts get the compliments once, you’ll get them every day.

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